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Church Logo

Our church logo consists of a logomark & a wordmark. They should be used together in most cases. The logomark can be used alone for small applications such as social media. The wordmark can be displayed in a horizontal or stacked format, with the stacked format being the primary option.

The logo should always be surrounded by an adequate amount of white space. In this case, the border should be at least equal to the height of the wordmark.

All printed materials must be approved by the Communications Team. Never stretch proportions, adjust spacing, pixelate or use a different typeface for the logo.

Logo Variations

These are the only approved logo variations. For branding and marketing consistency, please only use these variations of the main Pantano Logo.


The “Icon” Logo (i.e. Logomark) is an option when needed as a profile picture and icon. This logo should not be used for general purposes.

The communications team will make variations of this logo with your correct ministry colors when requested.

Color Choices

The white logo should be used on dark images, boxes, etc.

The black image should be used on bright images, boxes, etc.

The main logo should be used when white is the primary background.

Download logo files below by right-clicking and choosing “Save link as.” If you have any problems, please contact

Main Logo

Black Variation

White/Transparent Variation

Red Variation

If you need a logo for your ministry, please use the Media/Print Communication Request Form.


Typography is another key element of the Pantano brand identity, to be used in print, website, social media, and campus signage.

Gotham Black Gotham

Gotham Medium Gotham

Gotham Book Gotham