The Pantano brand is more than just a logo. It’s a set of values, attributes, language, spaces, programs, and artwork that reflects the spirit of our church. Our brand is who we are and how we communicate. Knowing and using our brand consistently will reinforce the passion and commitment we have to making Pantano a more connected place.

Mission – Loving people to Jesus, launching passionate people to make our world different.

Vision – To be a catalytic force to bless Southern Arizona and the world.

Core Communications Values

  • Be Relevant – We pursue relevance
  • Be Consistent – We honor the Word
  • Be Sensitive – We value people above process
  • Be Simple – We honor guests by simplicity

General Communications Guidelines

  • Ministries and campuses don’t have access to our centralized social media accounts.
  • Use Facebook groups to communicate to specific people at your campus or ministry.
  • Events will be communicated based off of our communications matrix.
  • All communication requests are done through commmunication requests.
  • For email policy, read our mass email policy.

Decision And Input Authority

The Communications team has decision authority on branding and overall quality of design for all publications, printed and digital, to ensure quality is consistent.